Smoke Sealant & Draft Stopping

Smoke Sealant/Draft Stopping Smoke Sealant or Draft Stopping is installed to restrict the movement of air within open spaces of concealed areas of building components such as crawl spaces, floor/ceiling assemblies, roof/ceiling assemblies and attics. Selecting the correct firestop systems for a project is important to the project’s success. ODF considers the fire rating, materials, method of installation, design limitations and other criteria into account when determining system selection.

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Founded in 2001, working since 1987, Old Dominion Firestopping has grown to become one of the Richmond’s area’s leading commercial firestopping contractors and has successfully completed projects across the East Coast. Our work has earned us an industry-wide reputation for consistently delivering exceptional firestopping services on projects ranging from tenant fitouts to Govermental Projects including the State of Virginia Capital Building.

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