Through Penetrations

Through penetration firestop systems are intended to restore the hourly rating of fire-resistive assemblies that have been breached by the penetration of electrical, plumbing or mechanical items.


Fire resistant compartments or buildings will typically incorporate transitions between floors and walls, adjacent walls and other fire resistant barrier intersections. Often, these joints are designed to cater for building movement, and to avoid the transfer of loads during heating and cooling of the building, into the elements themselves. Fire sealing systems for control joints must allow for movement while […]

Perimeter Fire Barrier / Curtain Wall Insulation

Perimeter Fire Barrier is an assembly of specific materials along the perimeter of a floor with an hourly fire endurance rating and a non-rated exterior curtain wall to ensure continuity of the separating function of the floor assembly.  

Blank Openings

Penetrations without any services, or blank openings, are firestopped using fire resistant and lightweight mortar. These blank openings or blank penetrations typically result from services that are relocated or where provision is being made for future services for example.

Acoustical Sealant & Barrier

Acoustical Sealants or Barriers are designed for fire protection and the reduction of sound and noise leakage around outlets and penetrations in walls.

Smoke Sealant & Draft Stopping

Smoke Sealant/Draft Stopping Smoke Sealant or Draft Stopping is installed to restrict the movement of air within open spaces of concealed areas of building components such as crawl spaces, floor/ceiling assemblies, roof/ceiling assemblies and attics. Selecting the correct firestop systems for a project is important to the project’s success. ODF considers the fire rating, materials, method of installation, design limitations […]

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