Research and Technology Sector

NIH Porter Neuroscience Phase 2

Bethesda, MD

Old Dominion Firestopping constructed a perimeter fire containment system for curtainwall assemblies on the 306,476-square-foot laboratory facility. The project features an expanded basement-level vivarium, a new vertical vivarium stretching up through the second floor, imaging suites, vibration stable core areas, hot rooms, cold rooms, a freezer “farm” and administration offices. These spaces are distributed over five floors each of which has been designed to align with the existing five levels of the Phase 1 facility. Shared amenities include a cafeteria, a four-story atrium, conference and seminar spaces and public areas.

Completed in 2013, the project finished on time with zero injuries. Old Dominion Firestopping contracted with Trainor Glass, the curtainwall erectors, to perform the work. Whiting Turner was the general contractor.

Philip Morris USA, Research and Technology Campus

Richmond, VA

Old Dominion Firestopping coordinated and provided tested firestopping and engineered judgments at applications that exceeded parameter allowed by tested systems for the nine-story, 450,000-square-foot research and technology center. The facility includes research laboratories, offices and building support facilities, cafeteria, fitness center, parking deck, pedestrian walkway, utilities building and outdoor park.

Completed in 2007, the project finished on time with zero injuries. Old Dominion Firestopping contracted with the general contractor, Hourigan Construction Corporation, to perform the work.

Old Dominion University Systems Research and Academic Building

Norfolk, VA

Old Dominion Firestopping provided all Firestopping services for Skanska USA Building on the 50,000-square-foot facility. The building features a modern clean room, a lasers lab, two biomedical dry labs and a wet lab, a plasma science lab, a maglev controls lab and space missions lab, a micro fluidics lab, and a dynamic environment simulation lab, as well as four large student projects studios and additional student collaboration spaces. The laboratories in the two-story structure are equipped with sliding doors to facilitate the movement of large engineering equipment in and out of the building.

Completed in 2014, the fast paced project finished on time with zero injuries. Old Dominion Insulation contracted with Comfort Systems of Virginia to perform the work. Skanska was the general contractor.

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