Government Sector

Norfolk Consolidated Courthouse

Norfolk, VA

Old Dominion Firestopping provided firestopping at all through-penetrations on the 315,000-square-foot municipal facility to house general district, circuit and juvenile and domestic relations courts.

The two buildings of six and eight stories are joined by an atrium and a parking garage with a green roof. The complex also includes a two-story wing and a mezzanine connecting to an existing facility.

Completed in 2014, the project finished on time with zero injuries. Old Dominion Firestopping contracted with Smith and Keene and Helix Electric to perform the work. Walsh Construction was the general contractor.

Richmond Federal Courthouse

Richmond, VA

Old Dominion Firestopping provided firestopping at mechanical and plumbing through-penetrations on the 300,000-square-foot courthouse. The building contains one level of underground parking with 64 spaces and nine new courtrooms to house district, magistrate and bankruptcy courts. Two atriums are the focal points of the north and south sides of the facility, creating a modern but neo-classically-themed building.

Completed in 2008, the project finished on time with zero injuries despite the challenging logistics of performing work in a tight, urban environment. Old Dominion Firestopping contracted with Colonial Webb Contractors to perform the work. Tompkins Builders was the general contractor.

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Founded in 2001, working since 1987, Old Dominion Firestopping has grown to become one of the Richmond’s area’s leading commercial firestopping contractors and has successfully completed projects across the East Coast. Our work has earned us an industry-wide reputation for consistently delivering exceptional firestopping services on projects ranging from tenant fitouts to Govermental Projects including the State of Virginia Capital Building.

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