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Old Dominion Firestopping (ODF) is a full-service firestopping contractor specializing in the application of firestop materials to restore the fire rating required at through penetrations and joint applications. We provide all aspects of firestop services to commercial, industrial and residential construction customers.

While our company was founded in 2001, our experience dates back to 1987 when we began performing services under our affiliated company, Old Dominion Insulation. We are headquartered in Richmond with offices in Nashville, Austin and San Antonio.

We utilize Hilti, 3M, Specseal, and Tremco firestopping products. We are qualified to use any other firestop products manufactured which allows us the flexibility to meet the demands of our customers. This also provides us with unprecedented technical support when projects require outside the box solutions.

In 2005, we met the qualification standards as a firestop contractor per FMG Approval Standard 4991. Only a limited number of top tier contractors nationwide have attained this status. Reaching this high standard provides us with the capability of meeting installer qualifications set forth in most specifications. The FMG Approval Standard 4991 is an independent third party assessment of our firestopping methods and abilities which is a tribute to our dedication to the importance of firestopping.

In 2010, we qualified for the HAFSC Platinum program which further differentiates us from our competition based on our experience and quality installations.

Old Dominion Firestopping is often contracted by hospitals and other clients to perform firestop inspections to detect deficiencies in their facilities. This process is done before and after the final inspection, which is known as the JCAHO inspection in the Healthcare industry.

What We Do

We specialize in the following types of firestop applications:

Through Penetrations – openings containing mechanical, electrical, security, communications, etc.

Joints – joints between fire rated construction components

Perimeter Fire Barrier Protections – slab edge / exterior wall cavity

Blank Openings – openings in fire rated assemblies with no penetrations items

We also specialize in the following types of related applications:

Acoustical Sealant & Barriers

Smoke Sealant & Draft Stopping

Our Core Principles

Safety – We wouldn’t exist without safety. It is our top priority and personal responsibility to create a safe environment for our employees, clients and everyone around us.

Client Service – Our clients shape our business. We are continuously working to anticipate our clients’ needs, to improve on every aspect of our work and to develop innovative solutions.

Humility – We are humble enough to admit that we don’t know it all. That’s why we are constantly learning, widening our field of experience at every opportunity.

Integrity – We strive to be honest, ethical and fair in everything we do. We lead by example and concentrate on doing the right thing every time. We accept responsibility and take accountability for our actions.

Trust – We trust in our team. Our clients trust in us. We strive to have open communication and to be straightforward in our interactions.

Teamwork – We know that teams accomplish more than individuals. We work together towards a shared vision and assemble the right people for the job, leveraging individual strengths and experience to increase productivity.

Collaboration – We are focused on working together with our clients and each other to achieve our common goals. Knowledge sharing is important to our team to ensure that our experience to help others.

Performance – Each of our guiding principles drive our performance. More than anything else, we pride ourselves on achieving predictability and consistency in delivering a quality job every time.

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Service Coverage

Founded in 2001, working since 1987, Old Dominion Firestopping has grown to become one of the Richmond’s area’s leading commercial firestopping contractors and has successfully completed projects across the East Coast. Our work has earned us an industry-wide reputation for consistently delivering exceptional firestopping services on projects ranging from tenant fitouts to Govermental Projects including the State of Virginia Capital Building.

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